I love Chanel but I’m not a fan of simplicity.

I’d rather quote Iris on “more is more and less is a bore.”

I’m fairly certain fashion lost its bet on genuine sensuality since the day Gianni died.  And like him, I like the body. He liked to design everything that had to do with the body, I like to style the body.


I loved Gucci in the 90’s and Yves Saint Laurent in the 70’s.

I’d like to get old like Valentino. Have Tom Ford’s magnetic speech and Dries’ drive for poetry.

I’d run and marry David Ghandi anytime, do yoga with Anna at 5 am (only if she asked) and drink Kir Royale with Domenico on the shores of Sicily.

I think the eye does have to travel and that good clothes can save the day.

I’m positive that everything looks better with the right kind of humor. Even shoulder pads.

Like Carrie, I like my money right where I can see them: hanging in my closet.

I love late mornings, cappuccinos in Rome and a classic tuberose Trvdon lighting my nights.

Long story short: I’m a stylist. It’s not what I do. It’s who I am. I’ve worked for magazines, big TV shows and with important singers, I’ve done videos, campaigns, editorials, workshops and fashion shows. I have worked with great brands, local and international. I equally love being a personal shopper because I get to know the person more, closer and better. I’m a people person and I love every second of it. I’m just lucky like that, wink wink.

Save the drama for your outfit,

Kiss kiss,